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ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.3 Released

February 21, 2007

I have posted up v0.3 of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper. It has numerous fixes and feature additions:

  • Testing with Windows Vista is complete and works perfectly
  • Added a "Manual ViewState Decoding" option to decode a copied and pasted ViewState
  • Fixed a few ViewState decoding problems
  • Simplified the menu system for easier access to program features
  • Added improved error messages for diagnosing problems with things like ViewState decoding and Internet Explorer hooking
ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.3

The biggest thing is that the Windows Vista compatibility testing is finally done, and it works perfectly. I was worried that Internet Explorer 7 might behave differently under Vista then it does on XP, but no worries... it works.

Go and check it out today - it's worth the 300k download.

ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.2

January 30, 2007

ASP.NET ViewState Helper is an application designed to help all web developers, but has specific features to aid ASP.NET developers track ViewState issues. In real-time you can see your web pages being analyzed while you browse to them using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. ASP.NET ViewState Helper gives you very detailed information to help you optimize your web application's performance.

ASP.NET ViewState Helper

Double-clicking on any URL in the list will bring up the ViewState decoder window. If the page you double-clicked on contains a ViewState, it will be decoded into plain text, and also broken down into a tree-view for easy analysis.

ASP.NET ViewState Helper

HashTools v0.3

January 16, 2007

I have updated the HashTools page with v0.3. This version adds support for SHA256, SHA386 and SHA512 hashes. There are also a few minor interface tweaks as well, to deal with the longer hashes generated with these algorithms. This brings the total hash types generated up to 5.

If you have any requests that you would like to see incorporated into the next version of HashTools just drop me a line. You can get my contact information from the Contact page.

New Application: HashTools

January 2, 2007

The first public release of HashTools (v0.2) has been posted here. HashTools is a simple application that allows you to generate hashes from files. Currently v0.2 only generates SHA1 hashes.

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