Replace Notepad the Easy Way

Do you use a Notepad alternative, like Notepad++ or Notepad2? Notepad Replacer will allow you to replace the default Windows version of Notepad with whatever alternative you would like to use.

Notepad Replacer: Replace Notepad the Easy Way

No System Files Replaced

Won't replace ANY system files, or change ANY file permissions.

No Background Processes

Won't run all the time, won't take up any system resources in the background, and doesn't require special support by the alternative application.

No Security Warnings

Won't trigger Windows File Protection warnings (WFP) or other UAC prompts.

Completely Free

Notepad Replacer is completely free, now and forever!

Download Notepad Replacer!

Download Notepad Replacer right now, it's completely free!
No trials, no expiry, just awesome software that's free to use.
Download Notepad Replacer today!

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