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Window Inspector 1.3 is now Available!

Window Inspector 1.3 is now Available! Window Inspector lets you view a window's class, text, properties and more, simply by moving your mouse cursor over a target window! Window Inspector is an application that we've used internally at Binary Fortress for many years, and it's been a big help developing applications like DisplayFusion and VoiceBot. We thought it was time to share this amazing utility with everyone, and we've decided to share it for free!

  • New Command Line Parameter: -exportfolder "C:\myfolder" (sets the folder to export to)
  • New Command Line Parameter: -exportwindow 0x060676 (exports a single window to the given folder)
  • New Command Line Parameter: -exportallwindows (exports all windows to the given folder)

You can download the update from here: https://www.binaryfortress.com/WindowInspector/Download/.

Window Inspector
Window Inspector
Aug 8, 2016 (modified Aug 8, 2016)  • #1
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