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Introducing Window Inspector!

We're very pleased to introduce our latest application, Window Inspector! Window Inspector lets you view a window's class, text, properties and more, simply by moving your mouse cursor over a target window! Window Inspector is an application that we've used internally at Binary Fortress for many years, and it's been a big help developing applications like DisplayFusion and VoiceBot. We thought it was time to share this amazing utility with everyone, and we've decided to share it for free!

With Window Inspector, you can easily view the following information and more, for any window:

  • Class
  • Text (title)
  • Properties
  • Process path
  • Bounds
  • Styles
  • Icons

Downloading Window Inspector

Feel free to give it a try today! You can download it at If you like Window Inspector and would like to help support development of it, and our other free applications, please consider purchasing one of our paid apps.

Window Inspector
Window Inspector
Apr 8, 2016 (modified Apr 8, 2016)  • #1
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