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ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.5 Released

Version 0.5 of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper is now live. It has the most new features and bug fixes out of all the versions to date. Here's a quick rundown of the changes:

  • ViewState decoder window is now re-sizable
  • ViewState decoder window has been re-arranged to allow for better viewing
  • Now processes pages located inside frames
  • The markup size is now more accurate in relation to the pagesize and viewstate size
  • Removed the "Only check when URL changes" option, as it is the only option now
  • Added a "Check Now" option, to force a page check
  • Huge speed improvements while processing pages
ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.5

Thanks to everyone who submitted feature requests and bug reports through email and the Discussion Forum, you made this version the most improved yet! It is much faster than the previous version, and now processes pages inside frames - fantastic! Go and check it out today - it's worth the 300k download.

Feb 28, 2007  • #1
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