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ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.3 Released

I have posted up v0.3 of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper. It has numerous fixes and feature additions:

  • Testing with Windows Vista is complete and works perfectly
  • Added a "Manual ViewState Decoding" option to decode a copied and pasted ViewState
  • Fixed a few ViewState decoding problems
  • Simplified the menu system for easier access to program features
  • Added improved error messages for diagnosing problems with things like ViewState decoding and Internet Explorer hooking
ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.3

The biggest thing is that the Windows Vista compatibility testing is finally done, and it works perfectly. I was worried that Internet Explorer 7 might behave differently under Vista then it does on XP, but no worries... it works.

Go and check it out today - it's worth the 300k download.

Feb 21, 2007  • #1
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